investment solution

Cryptocurrency trading has recently attracted lots of attention internationally in the financial market. With this widespread attention, it has become necessary to choose your investment plan wisely. Considering that the cryptocurrency and bitcoin aren’t an ordinary investment, we offer to assist our clients with appropriate guidance for our well researched and reliable investment plans.


Profit Per Day


Profit Per Week


Profit Per Month

BitSigma provides 3 daily investment plans, giving the investor of fare profit on daily basis.

  • Daily Interest Forever-5%

    The investment in the first investment plan can range from minimum 0.002 BTC to the maximum of 0.5 BTC in which you will get 5% interest daily.

  • Daily Interest Forever-9%

    In the second plan, the minimum and maximum investment ranges from 0.55 BTC to 2 BTC respectively, with 9% interest.

  • Daily Interest Forever-12%

    The third investment plan has the investment range of minimum 2.1 BTC to maximum of 500 BTC with 12% interest on daily basis.